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Premier Tanning Experience

You will only find top quality tanning equipment among luxurious surroundings at the Riviera. Our tanning beds are all German engineered Ergoline beds cleaned and ready for each use.

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UV-Free Tanning Options

Spray tanning and red-light therapy are available to those who want to avoid any UV exposure. Get an even golden tan and improve your skin’s health with a UV-Free membership plan.

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Discounts & Special Offers

Save big on skin care products and tan boosting lotions with our monthly special offers. Become a member and receive regular discounts on all lotions to enhance your beautiful tan!

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Welcome to The Riviera Tanning Spa!

Experience the luxury of The Riviera Tanning Spa. From our high pressure beds that are equipped with aquamist and aromatherapy to relax you while you tan, to our aloe infused UV free VersaSpa sessions, you are guaranteed to experience the difference at Riviera. We know that our customers have busy schedules so our tanning salon facilities are large enough to accommodate every member without the need to set an appointment.

Visit one of our many Oklahoma locations and you will be welcomed by friendly and knowledgeable staff who are ready to help you achieve the most beautiful and even tan you’ve ever had. Our consultants are trained through our corporate office on each skin care line that we offer as well as how to design skin care programs specifically for each customer to achieve their optimal results. Consultants are also on hand to assist in any and all tours of our salon and tips on all services and products. All of our tanning beds are of the highest quality engineering. We welcome any questions or suggestions that you may have for us. We are here to serve you!