Lounge Features:

VERTICAL POWER- With the Lounge, tanning power takes on a completely new direction. 50 vertically positioned, 180- watt UV lamps (2M) ensure a quick overall tan from head to toe. The ellipse-shaped system profile makes sure that every area of the body is perfectly distanced from the UV lamps.

DECORATIVE GLASS WITH ACTIVE LIFESTYLE MOTIF- With its high-quality decorative glass and backlit Lifestyle image, the  Lounge is phenomenal in appearance. This stand-up model is a genuine eye-catcher in the salon. This sophisticated look makes tanning an irresistible experience.

SURROUND TAN & FAN COOLING- The Surround Tan principle, supported by 50, 2-meter high performance UV lamps, turns the  Lounge into a power tower. Thanks to the Fan Cooling system, a refreshingly pleasant atmosphere is ensured throughout the tanning session. The speed of the airflow, from the fan positioned above the head, can be infinitely varied to individual preferences.

EXPANSIVE TANNING AREA- Our aim was to provide more freedom during the tanning session. The enormous amount of space within the  Lounge gives unprecedented freedom of movement during tanning. Made for any tanning enthusiasts, the ergonomically positioned support columns allow you to find your ideal tanning position.

COMFORT CHANGING CABIN- A main attraction of the Lounge is the integrated changing area. The changing room is built into the rear area of the Lounge. It is equipped with every feature needed to make getting undressed and dressed a comfortable experience including an illuminated mirror, seating area, clothes hook and shoe compartment. After all, everyone wants to look their best after the tanning session.

The Lounge with decorative glass and Lifestyle look is the new highlight of the stand-up series.

Project Details

Date: January 26, 2014
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